Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pokey Events! :3

Well folks! I got some exciting Pokey events for you fans out there! Before that, I just want to say I'm still working on my review of Zoroark ~ Master of Illusions so, look forward to that soon! I'm also reviewing various One Piece DVDs/Manga as well as some Pokemon Manga on ComicsOnline! Yay! Now to the events!

~ First up, did you missed the Legendary Beast Trio event? No worries then! Nintendo has given you fans another chance to get them; this time on Wi-Fi! Here are the dates so, you can grab all these guys and still unlock the event of capturing Zoroark in the new Pokemon games: Black/White!
Shiny Raikou: February 7th - February 13th
Shiny Entei: February 14th - February 2oth
Shiny Suicune: February 21st - February 27th

~ Don't forget, you can still pick up Ash's Pikachu at any local Toys R' US till February 13th! Afterwards, another event will begin from February 21st - March 6th! That's getting Celebi! This event is happening at any GameStop, but you can also pick it up at the various Black/White Mall Tours that are happening right now!

~ Speaking of which, there are now Pokemon Black & White Mall Tours happening around the US! There, you will get to demo the new games, get previews of the 13th movie & old/new Pokemon episodes as well as get to see some of the new merchandise! I'm gonna try my best to get to the one in New Jersey on March 5th with maybe my SMA Crew! Might be a special guest there as well! Check the schedule on the site to see if the tour is coming to you!

~ One last event for now! Nintendo just got nicer to us fans at least to those that get Black/White right away lol If you purchase Black/White before April 10th, you'll get the chance to download the Liberty Pass via Wi-Fi! This will allow you to capture, Victini! The event is from March 6th - April 10th (lasts to April 22nd for Europe) so, pre-order now! Remember, the games will be released March 6th for the US/Canada, March 4th for Europe, and March 10th for Australia!

That's it for now! Till next time Pokey fans! :3


  1. Thank you so much. This information will make my boyfriends day!

  2. These sound like fun events my city's next one visited for the B/W tour but it's all the way across town which is a tough trip weekends maybe I'll play it safe and try the gamestop celebi...