Friday, February 4, 2011

Pokey News! Ring in Best Wishes! X3

Bleh! It's sort of been annoying trying to do these blogs and getting inspired to do things... hmmm... OMG I know what to do! I'll start this out with something I love to do... Pokey news! For those that don't know (and it's kind of obvious lol) I'm a huge fan of Pokemon since I grew up when the phenomenon when it hit America (1996 I believe)! It's also been one of my inspirations as an animator so, it's very close to my heart despite the show not being good as it was in the first season (manga is waaay better, but whatever lol). Satoshi Tajiri, who made a simple story from his love of collecting bugs and Ken Sugimori, with his amazing style; creating these adorable creatures, made me stick with this show even to this day! Perhaps some other time I'll talk bout these two, but let's get started on what's happening now! Time for some Pokey news! :3

~ For those that keep up, Diamond & Pearl or Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League will officially be done in America! The last dubbed episode as titled, "Memories Are Made of Bliss" will premiere this Saturday at 9:00 AM EST on Cartoon Network! It's sad, but we must move on as Ash will be heading into a new region and thus a new season: Best Wishes!

~ Whether your a fan or not, you know by now there will be two new Pokemon games: Black & White! Thus, also a new season titled for now as, "Best Wishes" (believe to be substituting the words for Black & White cause racism is bad lol)! So far, 18 episodes have premiered in Japan while in America possibly Europeans will have the first episode premiere February 12th! Basically, everything has been revealed from the game to us, but for a while the only differences Americas will get for the games/Anime will be the difference in names of towns, people, & of course: the Pokemon! This info can be found on many reliable sources such as my favorite: Since there is way too much to cover, this will help for those that want to catch up (no pun intended)! It has all the info you'll need not only on B&W, but on everything that is Pokemon! Moving on!

~ The 13th Pokemon Movie: Zoroark ~ Master of Illusions will premiere this Saturday February 5th at 7:00 PM EST! Before that, they will premiere the 11th Pokemon Movie: Giratina and the Sky Warrior at 5:00 PM EST! This will be the last movie with our D&P cast though there has been news of two special episodes; ending the D&P arc! One episode is about Dawn starting her new journey alone while the other is about Brock proving he is still a capable gym leader! It's unknown for now if those episodes will be dubbed though. For more bout the movie, there's a link below courteous of! I'll maybe put up my opinion of what I thought of it; story, dubbing & animation wise!

~ Last for now that's on my mind is of course the giveaways! For awhile, GameStop has been giving away shinies of the 3 Legendary Beasts: Raikou, Entei & Suicune (which of course is the best one lol) for any Pokemon DS game. Time is basically up on the last beast so, if ya haven't grabbed any of them then ya might be screwed out of a special event to catch Zoroark! Then again, it really affects the gamers who want to actually collect all these little me lol However, there is one giveaway that is still happening with Ash's Pikachu! If you go to any Toy R' Us, you can get his Pikachu meaning you get a Pikachu with all of the moves that it has in the show! Not sure whether or not you can evolve it into a Raichu, but it could be like the special Pichu from awhile back (though I'm not sure yet). If ya still want Pikachu ya can check the link below! Also, if it's not obvious...yes...I have all of these! AND I'M PROUD! XD

Well that's all I can think of for now and it was kind of nice getting it all off my chest actually (as silly as that sounds lol). Might do these once in awhile and maybe it will get me into updating this more with not only stuff I've been doing, but maybe some artwork as well. I definitely want to write something bout my fun times at Ohayo Con as well! For now, I'm working on some con vids that I like to make as well as some SMA stuff for those that know that (I'll explain on here as well for another time lol). Hope ya enjoyed and look for more stuff to come on my silly little blog! X3


  1. Eventually, the number of pokémon species will outnumber that of real ones...

  2. I love your Mijimaru (I probs spelled that wrong, sorry ^^; )pic. Actually, this was fun to read. Every time I talk to you you give me more reasons to look at Pokemon again

  3. @Ren very true lol then again we are also discovering new animals all the time so ya never know XD

    @Hannah it's from the show too & ya spelled it right lol Glad ya liked it U^ ^